An indivudual mental health programme providing practical strategies to help you feel good ...

About the programme:

This face to face programme: feeling good … will provide you 5 - 1 hour education sessions with Bruce Telford trained and experienced Mental Health Professional. This is a tailored programme which will help you develop emotional strength and maintain psychological wellness.

Session 1: In this session you will learn about the importance of human needs and complete a needs analysis and produce a action plan to ensure you have what you need to be well,


Session 2: In this session you will learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle balance, complete a lifestyle analysis and develop a weekly wellbeing plan to ensure you are doing all you can to maximise and maintain your emotional health.   

Session 3: In this session you will learn how to manage worry and adopt powerful technics such as gratitude, positive inputs and contributions to develop solid emotional resilience and mental strength.

Session 4: In this session you will learn how to manage your expectations and thoughts and develop mental skills to help you increase your psychological performance.

Session 5: In this section you will learn how to manage emotions associated with the past, present and future developing skills in emotional resilience and intelligence.  

Cost: $475

The programme is also offered via Skype at a cost of $350


For further information or to register for the feeling good … programme please contact Bruce Telford via this website or on

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Christchurch: Lyttelton health Centre 18 Oxford Street, Lyttelton

Queenstown: Wakatipu Medical Centre 11 McBride Street, Frankton

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